Here is a bit about us...

Our products are handmade, sustainable & unique. They are made with love by Peruvian artisans, and with your purchase you are helping communities from Cuzco, Arequipa, Puno and Ayacucho.

Our brand mission is to help Peruvian communities keep their millenary traditions & heritage through the fair trade of their handcrafts, while embracing the culture that we are so proud of!



Our meaning, We are sure you are asking yourselves why we call the brand Tupu Home, and yes, our name has a story behind too. Tupu was a standard of linear measure for the Incas. For example, for a road in kilometers, one tupu is equivalent to one kilometer, two tupus two kilometers, and so on.  We feel related to the concept and think about all the tupus (Kms) that separate the Andes of Peru from Europe. Besides, in the quechua language, it means pin, a beautiful handmade accessory used by women in the Andes to fasten textile garments, which inspired us to think about different art pieces that can decorate spaces, clothes, etc. When merging these two meanings, Tupu Home was born.

Meet our founders...

We are Alicia, Mafe & Piera, proud Peruvians living in Europe, and the founders of Tupu Home. Since first moving abroad, we realized that one of the best ways to keep connected to our country, culture, tradition & art was decorating. We filled our spaces with Peruvian art because we wanted everyone to be transported to these magical places inside the Andes mountains of Peru, like the cities Cusco and Puno. They can learn more about their traditions and embrace their unique culture through these amazing pieces of love.

Giving back to our home country Peru, was a significant driver when creating Tupu home.  We wanted to help our communities to keep their traditions & heritage through fair trade of their handcrafts. To embrace the culture that we love and to build a brand that has behind amazing people working with pure love to share their art. By doing this, we aim to improve the economy of these communities, showing them the high value of their work, and as a consequence, help the decentralization of our country by encouraging these artisans to stay in their communities in the Andes of Peru.

We hope you love our Tupu Home products as much as we do.
Tupu Home team