Ayacucho Cushion Collection: Working with Peruvian Women Artisans

The story behind our Ayacucho cushion collection: Empowering women and their art one cushion at a time.

When the idea of Tupu Home was born, it came from a desire to give back to our country, Peru, and to make its beautiful art and handcrafts known. It only made sense that working to generate social impact were to be our guiding "thread".

This is why, when looking at artisan partners, we decided to focus our search on NGOs and initiatives grouping women and other artisans, giving value to their work, training them and promoting fair trade. 

Our Ayacucho cushion collection is the result of a great collaboration with artisan women in the region of Ayacucho. These women have learned the waist loom weaving and hand embroidery technique from their parents and thanks to their work being valued and allowing them to provide for their families, they'll be able to pass down this ancestral know-how to the younger generations. 

This impact is truly life-changing, not only because it gives hope to the communities' youth that they can live off their art, but it also allows them to stay in their villages instead of following the massive exodus towards large cities trend, and thus working on low-quality and unstable jobs. 

Meet the great artisans, Aide, Lidia and many more who have helped us make our dream come true. 


We wanted to honour these amazing artisans, so we decided to name our Ayacucho collection cushions after some of their names and after the villages they come from. 

To shop our Aide, Jose, Socos, Pacchas, Vichos or Moyobamba cushions from the Ayacucho collection, click on the following link: https://www.tupuhome.com/collections/cushions-collection


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