TOP 5 Ethical Tupu Home gift ideas for a conscious Christmas 2021

Tupu Home presents: the best, unique and ethical gifts to give this Christmas

Shopping ethical is the new trend (or at least that is our wish this Christmas)
It is so special and unique when someone ask us.....
“Who made your Christmas gifts?”…Yes, this is the question we all need to be asking this year.
And the winning answer is.....My Tupu Home gifts are handmade with love by Peruvian artisans, and with our purchase we are helping local communities from Cuzco, Arequipa, Puno and Ayacucho.

So here is our TOP 5 Ethical gift ideas for Christmas you will want to get:

  1. PAKO alpaca - Decorative figure (24 x 25 cm)
    If you love Alpacas, our super soft and elegant alpaca decorative figure is the perfect complement for your home. 100% made of Alpaca fibre.

    Get your PAKO Alpaca here:

  2. Boho Handmade Baskets 

    Our ethnic planters can add colour and texture to any of your favourite spaces. Give a bohemian touch to your house. We have 2 sizes: Small 20x20cm and Medium 30x30cm.

    Get our planters here:

  3. Shawls - 100% Baby Alpaca (Size: 210 x 70 cm) 
    Our 100% baby alpaca shawls will keep you warm during your winter walks. Its fibre is one of the finest, most elegant, warmest, yet extremely lightweight in the world.

    It is surely a MUST-HAVE, and available in 3 colours: Black, Beige, and Camel.

    Get a 100% Baby Alpaca shawl here:

  4. Sierra Handmade Alpaca hats - 100% Made of Alpaca fiber

    When wearing our alpaca hats you are empowered by the magic of the Andes of Peru. These products are handmade by talented artisans in Cuzco that uses 100% alpaca fiber to create the hat and decorated it with a hand-woven staggered band, that based on the Andean cosmovision represents the natural world, which is in permanent motion.

    Get your Sierra Alpaca hat here:

  5. Chacana Alpaca Blend Throw - 50% Alpaca & Wool
    ❄️ Our comfortable and cosy Chacana throw will keep you warm during the chilly winter nights. It is made with baby alpaca fiber, one of the finest, warmest, and most lightweight in the world.

    » What does Chacana mean in Quechua language?

    1. Chacana or Inca Cross, was the most important symbol of the pre-Hispanic Andes.
    2. Its twelve corners represent the 12 months of the year for the Incas, each with 30 days, and also each month with a particular festival, mostly related to agriculture.

    Shop our Chacana Throw here

We hope you find your perfect conscious Christmas gifts! Our brand's mission is to help Peruvian communities keep their millenary traditions & heritage through the fair trade of their handcrafts, while embracing the culture that we are so proud of!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 
Thank you

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