Top reasons to choose Alpaca

Why do we love alpaca? The name "alpaca" has become synonymous with refined, high quality wool used in the world of haute couture. Its wool is one of the warmest, as well as the finest and most delicate, only surpassed by its cousin, the vicuña.

Did you know that there are two breeds of alpaca?

  • Huacaya: 

    Its fiber grows, perpendicularly. It has density, softness, luster and curls with a spongy appearance.

  • Suri: 

    Its fiber grows parallel to the body, with curls all around them, like fringes. It has a silkier and shinier appearance.

Alpacas types_tupuhome

Alpacas are native to Peru, but can be found throughout the globe in captivity. Peru currently has the largest alpaca population, with over 50% of them.

Alpacas save energy:

  • Less chemicals and energy are required to treat the water used in the alpaca fibre washing process. 

    Compared to other animal fibres, alpaca fibre has a low grease content (2,8 - 3,9%), which means that much less energy and chemicals are required to treat the water used for its washing process.

  • Alpaca fibre is an excellent insulator. 

    Alpaca fibre is an excellent insulator for both heat and cold. Due to this property, home products made of alpaca fibre like carpets, blankets, quilts and curtains are very well-known within the category of home products. Alpaca fibre is also highly flame-resistant, making it an important eco-friendly natural fibre material used by the construction industry to insulate homes and businesses.

  • The natural colours of Alpaca avoid the dyeing process:
    We love these beautiful animals they are too cute and eco-friendly. Alpaca fibre comes in more than 22 natural colours.



Last but not least, WHY ALPACA:

  1. To support Andean people and their cultural history.
  2. To be gentle on the land.
  3. To save energy and water.
  4. Be part of the next generation with sustainable lifestyle.

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