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Decorating with baskets is an amazing way to add beauty, personality, and texture to a room. Do you love baskets as much as we do? Then you will love these 5 easy ways to use baskets in your home:

  • On your Dinning room



  • Organize Your Bathroom

    Use them to organize in the bathroom. Our handmade baskets are perfect for the bathroom. Use them under the sinks or in the drawers to organize and tidy up your towels & toiletries.


  • Provide Storage and add a cozy look in the living room

    In the Living Room YES!, let storage baskets take the place of side tables next to seating. Large handmade baskets are perfect for storing extra throw blankets within reach of the sofa. 


  • Cool looking storage at your office - Level up your game

    Whether it’s at your office or under your desk, baskets are great for storage. Gather up books, magazines and newspaper. Use your baskets to store all your reading materials in a stylish, tidier way.



  • To make your plants happy

    If you’re a Plant lover, these decorative handmade baskets is the perfect complement for your home. Handmade in Peru.

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