The Story behind our name: Tupu Home

Today we would love to share with you the whole story behind our name:

Tupu comes from the Quechua language and it has 2 meanings:

  1. Tupu was a standard of linear measure for the Incas. According to terms Aymara and quecha road at mileage example: a one kilometer equals tupu, two tupus two kilometers thus successively apply Aymara ancestors. Tupu was known as road, tupu walking, hikers walked in tupu to suyus, the ayllus and markas. We feel related to the concept and think about all the tupus (Kms) that separate the Andes of Peru from the world.


  2. It also means pin, a beautiful handmade accessory used by women in the Andes to fasten textile garments, which inspired us to think about different art pieces that can decorate spaces, clothes, etc.

tupu home partners


When merging these two meanings, Tupu Home was born.

tupu home meaning

We hope you enjoy our Brand name story! If you have any comments/questions, feel free to message our team at

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