Styling your throw blanket to get the perfect cozy home

Throws have become a MUST HAVE when achieving the perfect cozy home look. A throw is not only an opportunity to add texture and warmth to you interior, but also to add a tone to the interior's color palette.

At Tupu Home we love earthy colors and tones, so if you're a hygge fan, our beige, camel and gray throw blankets will be your perfect home decor addition!

Get the scoop on the best ways to style your throw this winter! 


This technique will give you the perfect balance between a carefree yet stylish look. Grab your throw at the center of one of its sides, lift it up qnd then drape it over the back of a chair, an ottoman pouf or in a basket. Check out our 100% Eco alpaca throw looking effortlesly perfect in this picture. 


If you prefer a more tidy look for your interior, then this is the look for you. Fold your throw vertically over the arm of the sofa, letting the side with the fringes cascade down over the front. To get this look, get our 100% baby alpaca camel throw or our 100% Eco alpaca throw


Throw blankets are also perfect for decorating beds. Give a cozy feeling to your bedroom by folding your throw and putting it along the end of the bed. This will not only add texture, but also be the opportunity to add a new colour in the room's palette. Our alpaca blend throw blanket will get you this look!

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