Discover the meaning of our new cushions collection!

Discover the meaning of our new cushions collection!

When the Spanish arrived in Peru, they divided the country into three main regions: the coastal region, the highlands, or Andean region, and the jungle, then the geographer Javier Pulgar Vidal proposed the creation of eight Natural Regions.

Our new collection was inspired in those natural regions, earthy tones that will give a bohemian chic look and add texture to your living room sofa or armchair, as well as to your bedroom or any place you want!

Which one is your favourite? (1) Boho Beige (2) Chala (3) Janca (4) Quechua (5) Puna

These cushions will make any space vibrant. Yes, our best-seller, Boho beige, is back, inspired by the nature that surrounded the artisans developing this product in the Sacred Valley, Cuzco.

For our Chala cushion, we were inspired by the colours of Peru's coastal and desert region, also known as "Chala" in the quechua language. Its beige and brown tones will add warmth to your interior. 

Our Janca boho cushion is one of a kind, 100% handmade inspired by the Natural Regions of Peru. Janca is one of the eight Natural Regions of Peru, located in the frozen heights where the condor lives. Janca means "white" because of its steep and rocky relief covered with snow in the glaciers.

Quechua is one of the eight natural regions. It is located between 2,300 and 3,500 m above sea level. It is composed of big valleys divided by rivers fed by estival rains, and it inspired us to create this earthy cushion!

Finally, we have Puna,  above the treeline at 3200–3500 m elevation, and below the snow line above 4500–5000 m elevation. Its diverse ecosystem inspired us to bring different shapes together to comprises the varied ecoregions, which goes from wet/moist Puna, dry Puna, and desert Puna.

By purchasing these products, you help Peruvian artisans in the Andes mountains keep their traditions alive and improve their quality of life through fair-trade of their products. 

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