Colour: TOP 5 Trends for 2021

Colour takes a key role this 2021, to create products and interiors that relieve and revitalise us.

1. Comforting neutrals
Earthy neutrals and its power will play the most important role in 2021, deeper brown, camel, and beige tones.


2. Organic pigments
Natural palettes that bring to life the pigments found in nature will be key to designing ranges and environments that engage and nourish us. In addition, and the most important thing to know is that Tupu Home products are sustainable and all the colors of our products are made from nature.

3. Deep olive
Greens are back as a key colour group to invest in for 2021 and our Beige and Green Handmade Cushion in particular will be a great addition to bring a grounding serenity to the home.

4. Digital pastels
Pastels colours will continue to drive colour designs and in particular, our pink handcrafted cushions can be a great addition to your spaces.

Pastel colours - handcrafted cushions and pillows cover

5. Textural black
Dark-colour interiors can feel like super cosy, the appeal of black for accessories and feature pieces will remain important. We are working on our new collection where we will add incredible Black & Beige cushions.


We hope this was useful for you, if you have any questions and you would like us to help you decorate your spaces with our handmade and fair-trade products please contact us

Tupu Home Team

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